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Junior Achievement Digital Campaign

Junior Achievement Digital Campaign

Help kids spend more time planning for and dreaming about tomorrow, and less time worrying about today.

Imagine being an educator in a classroom full of students going through daily lesson plans filled with engaging activities that you spent months preparing. Envision being a kid going to school in a structured and familiar learning environment surrounded by friends and caring adults. Picture hearing the next day that school as you knew it was about to change, and no one knew exactly how it would work or for how long this new normal would last. This is life-altering and quite unsettling for educators, students, and families. Now consider the additional challenges of attending school in low– to moderate-income communities. Through JA, schools and educators in all communities can ensure children are receiving the educational experiences they deserve and the volunteer role models they seek to continue moving forward.

With statewide school district closures, the educational landscape has shifted significantly and quickly to defining and implementing remote learning. Unfortunately, schools, educators, and families were left with little time to prepare. With COVID-19 concerns increasing daily, schools districts have already started extending online instructional timelines. This resulting shift has created another significant educational gap, and increased the need and demand for JA as a ‘go to’ free educational solution provider.

In response to the growing needs as a result of COVID-19, JANJ has created a campaign to support our children, families, schools, and educators in this new educational landscape, and provide meaningful opportunities for our volunteers and corporate partners to give back. Campaign funds will help JA continue developing remote learning resources, including online and additional materials to address the digital divide, accelerate building the JA Career Pathways Center digital platform, and ensure the sustainability of our operations during this critical time.

Call to Action:

Together, we can help inspire tomorrows for our students, keeping them moving forward in their education, easing their minds, and bringing some normalcy to this new normal. Let’s help our kids and educators navigate this unchartered territory. The need for innovative education, volunteer role models, and a caring support system is needed now more than ever.

Donation Levels:

  • $30,000  -  helps build the JA Career Pathways Center digital platform

  • $20,000  -  provides 700 students with JA remote learning opportunities

  • $10,000  -  provides 350 students with JA remote learning opportunities

  • $5,000  -  provides 350 students with JA remote learning opportunities


Junior Achievement of New Jersey


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